Keynote Speakers

Giorgio Agamben is Visiting Professor of Philosophy at University of Paris 8 and is the author of many books, including Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life (Stanford University Press, 1998), Remnants of Auschwitz: The Witness and the Archive (Zone Books, 1999), State of Exception (University of Chicago Press, 2005) and The Kingdom and the Glory (Stanford University Press, 2011).

Rosi Braidotti is currently Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University and founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities. Her publications have been placed in continental philosophy, at the intersection with social and political theory, cultural politics, gender, feminist theory and ethnicity studies. Her work has been translated in a total of 19 languages.

Oron Catts is an artist, researcher, curator, and Director of SymbioticA, the Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts, within the School of Anatomy and Human Biology, The University of Western Australia. In 1996, he founded the Tissue Culture and Art Project to explore the use of tissue technologies as a medium for artistic expression. His work is part NY MoMA design collection and has been exhibited and presented internationally.

Thomas Lemke is Heisenberg-Professor of Sociology with a focus on Biotechnologies, Nature and Society at the faculty of Social Sciences of the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main in Germany. His research interests include social and political theory, sociology of organization, biopolitics, social studies of genetic and reproductive technologies. His book, Biopolitics, An Advanced Introduction, was published in 2010 by New York University Press.

Kira O’Reilly is a UK based artist. Her practice stems from a fine art background, employing performance and more recently writing and biotechnical practices with which to consider the body as material and site in which narrative threads of the personal, sexual, social and political knot and unknot in shifting permutations. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and China.


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